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Success in 2022 Through Integrated Facilities Management Partnership

This comprehensive report provides a look at the future of IFM through the lens of our rapidly changing business ecosystem. Hear from NEST experts as well as industry thought leaders on how IFM partnerships help drive performance in uncertain economic times.

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Sections Include:

  1. An opening letter from NEST CEO Rob Almond
  2. What Does Tomorrow’s IFM Look Like?/ The Future Evolution of IFM
  3. The Future of Multi-Site Retail
  4. How IFM Partnership Benefits Organizations in Uncertain Economic Times As well as exclusive commentary from Rob Almond!

Questions for IFM expert and NEST CEO Rob Almond?

Your download of Going Far includes access to our Ask Rob! inbox where you can submit questions and comments to Rob himself – a feature not available elsewhere on the NEST website.

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