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Next Gen Facilities Management:
Thinking Differently with IFM 

At NEST’s recent IFM Summit, attendees engaged in strategic conversations with industry experts and peers about the state of play in IFM and how to prepare for what’s ahead. Along with networking, attendees enjoyed several activities, including dinner and casinos!

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Sit in with FM professionals from some of the country’s best-known brands as they share their insights on energy use, labor shortages, inflation, and more.

Even if you couldn’t be at the Summit in person, you can still enjoy many of the panelists’ engaging discussions. Read the recaps or listen to the recordings. 

And be sure to look out for information on next year’s summit ーyou won’t want to miss it!


Smarter Energy Use for Unpredictable Summer Seasons

Find out what went on during NEST’s IFM Summit session on HVAC and energy, featuring some of the world’s leading experts in the space.

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The Future of Skilled Trades: A Grassroots Approach to Expanding Your Network

Industry leaders at NEST’s IFM Summit session discussed the labor shortage in the tradesーand what can be done about it.

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Sticky Inflation: Optimizing Your Supply Chain in the Current Environment

Find out what went on during NEST’s IFM Summit session on inflation.

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Workforce 2023: Remote Options, DEI, & Employee Expectations

Industry leaders at NEST’s IFM Summit session discussed the future of the workforce.

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Keynote Speakers


The New Dawn of Retail

Lee Peterson | Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership | WD Partners

Listen to Lee offer a well-rounded and informed perspective on advanced customer experience, and his belief that stores have a crucial role in the new dawn of retail.

Michelle Curran

Facing Fears, Overcoming Self-Doubt

Michelle "Mace" Curran | United States Fighter Pilot

Listen to Michelle Curran share her stories of unbelievable flying, facing fears, and unwavering trust.


Finding Your Purpose-Driven Power

Miesha Tate | American Professional Mixed Martial Artist

Listen to Miesha speak about her interest in construction and about being a fighter in and out of the ring in a traditionally male dominated industry.


February 7-8, 2023


The Cosmopolitan

at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip!

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